On Fame and Fortune and Fudge

I woke up famous today. Well, no, I didn’t, not really. But this is a sentence I know I will be tempted to use sooner or later, regardless of how justified I will be in its use. Better get it out of the way now.

Let’s try this again (if I’m doing this, might as well milk the opportunity properly). Ahem. This morning, I woke up ever so slightly famous.

The reason being, a cover of a song that I have recorded got featured on the original artist’s website. The artist in question is 8in8, a band composed of Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman, Ben Folds and Damian Kulash. Their album, Nighty Night, was the result of their project to record eight songs in eight studio hours. You can find more about the band and the album at www.eightineight.com.

Once the album was done, the band called for fan videos to be made for the songs on the record. Keeping with the ‘ninja’ spirit of the record, the videos had to be done quickly and sent to the band as soon as they were done. A call for covers in different languages was also issued. That was when I jumped in. My native language is Russian, you see, even though the absolute majority of my writing is in English, for years now. So I translated the lyrics and pestered my piano-playing husband to learn the song by ear. Some practicing time later, we recorded our cover, involving nothing more complicated than an old and severely off-tune piano, a cardioid microphone and a laptop.

Meanwhile, 8in8 collected the fan videos and fan covers and other pieces of fan art, and launched the website I have linked to above. And it turned out that the Fan Art section of it contains all of the material I just listed, including my cover. I’m N6 from the top under ‘Other Stuff’, where it says Noxy/Maria (don’t get me started on my nom-de-various-arts, there are identity crises afoot; I’ll settle on one eventually… I think).

And that is basically, it for now. This post was going to contain some vaguely thoughtful material, but as I wrote it, I found it getting in the way of my being happy. Perhaps this is something to think about in another post – why are we so apt to sabotage ourselves? This morning, I was bouncy with happiness at the fact that:
– I recorded myself singing;
– a song cover in a different language;
– with lyrics I’ve translated myself;
– which was received, acknowledged and appreciated by the original artist…
– and put up on the artist’s website.

The first three points are already enough to make me extremely happy, what with my being a self-admittedly musically challenged person who, at this time a year ago, could just about manage Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, badly. Seriously. This was not a joke.

Points four and five, now, are the reason to be nothing short of ecstatic.

Which I was, until somewhere along the line I’ve fallen prey to the all-too-traditional thinking of not being good enough, of my cover being there not as a result of its merit, but of the artist’s niceness to the fans… and so on.

What. The. Fudge.

I think I shall stop being stupid now, and just go off to be happy. While you can listen to the cover, over here – Linkage.


P.S. If you’re one of the extremely small portion of my readership who can speak Russian AND English, here are the original and translated lyrics for your interest:

Original lyrics by Neil Gaiman Translation by yours truly
I wish that Joan of Arc
wouldn’t hang around the park
Pronouncing that she won’t get burned again
Her armour’s very shiny
and her message is divine
But I wish she’d take a day off now and then
Не стоит идти в парк,
Там ходит Жанна д’Арк,
Заявляя, что не страшен ей огонь.
Её доспех сияет,
А речи вдохновляют,
Но святым ведь тоже нужен выходной.
She said it clears your head
when you come back from the dead
With your sword as sharp as anything that cuts
And to prove it she bisected
three young tourists from Utrecht
Which rapidly displayed a lot of guts
“Раз умерев напрасно,
Второй раз мыслишь ясно,
Особенно когда клинок с тобой!”
Жанна с этими словами,
Трёх туристов обезглавив,
Подтвердила свой решительный настрой.
She says we need to raise a brand new army
And the flag of France so proudly she unfurled
And the people that she hated
will be neatly bifurcated
And the British will no longer rule the world
Она зовёт всех нас к себе под знамя
Под французский развевающийся стяг
И суждено её врагам
Пасть мёртвыми к её ногам
А Британии не править на морях
She says it was her mistake
to let them burn her at the stake
And she learned a lesson back there in the flames
So she’s going to kill the queen
and then she’ll rescue Old Orleans
And it’s really hard to hang around with saints
Старый недруг был хитёр,
Отправив Жанну на костёр,
Но теперь понятно ей, с чего начать:
Королеву-мать казнить,
И Орлеан освободить,
И- О боже, научи её молчать!
I think I ought to tell her
that the English left in failure
And they don’t go back to France except on hols
But I saw her vivisect
a man who wanted to correct her —
And the playground soon resembled Grand Guignol
Ах, кто бы Жанну просветил,
Что Валуа всех победил,
И свою она уже сыграла роль,
Но попытался раз один
Весьма несчастный господин
Теперь ему б на сцену Гран-Гиньоль
She says we need to raise a brand new army
And she marched us round until we couldn’t stand
She says the nation she abhors
will soon be writhing on the floor
And the British will no longer rule her land
Она зовёт всех нас к себе под знамя
И заставляет целый день маршировать
И ненавистный ей народ,
Как домик карточный, падёт
И Британии владычества не знать.
And she’s waiting for the dauphin
who will come across the ocean,
And knows that God agrees with her complaints
So I’m hoping that she’ll ignore
my English accent in her war
‘Cause it’s really hard to hang around with saints
И дофин из-за океана,
Прибудет поздно или рано,
И знают все, на чьей Всевышний стороне.
Но я надеюсь избежать
Призыва во благую рать,
Ведь общаться со святыми – не по мне.
She says we need to raise a brand new army
And the flag of France so proudly she unfurled
And the people that she hated will be neatly bifurcated
And the British will no longer rule
the British will no longer rule
the British will no longer rule the world!
Она зовёт всех нас к себе под знамя
Под французский развевающийся стяг
И суждено её врагам пасть мёртвыми к её ногам
А Британии не править,
Нет, Британии не править,
Нет, Британии не править на морях!


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3 responses to “On Fame and Fortune and Fudge

  1. Teh Bat

    Famouser and famouser… More was to come XD

  2. Oasis

    Kick arse man, I totally smiled while listening. That’s really cool that you got on the site, and I know what you mean when it comes to worrying about your fan art [in this case music] is only around because the artist is nice to fans. I get real low about that all the time. But think about it this way, even if the artist is just being nice, they’re still putting you up for exposure, and that’s awesome, cuz maybe someone else will find it and it will snowball from there!
    [long comment is long, sorry]

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