…a follow up to the previous post

Okay, it’s one thing to poke fun at self for getting absolutely over-the-top squeeful over having one’s cover of another artist’s song being recognised and featured on their website-

-she said, as if that was something that happened to her on a daily basis, and used the words ‘another artist’, as opposed to ‘an artist’, to boot. Let me get my feet back on the ground and rephrase that.

Having my cover featured the way it was WAS every reason for me to get as squeeful as I did (I’m fully aware that I didn’t necessarily come across as extremely squeeful in my previous post; it was some hours after the initial squee wore off, and I blame The Vampires.)

Note: I will most likely make reference to The Vampires often enough. What they are a universal bane of creativity everywhere. The original reference to them as such is taken from this song, which I cannot recommend strongly enough. One day, I will have a page sharing what moderately useful knowledge I’ve already accumulated in my forays into creativity, and a link to that song will be somewhere very close to the top among Valuable Advice.

So, I was happy and reasonably proud, and then something happened. This.

In case you’re too lazy to click, or not familiar enough with Twitter to see the point immediately, the explanation is as follows. Neil Gaiman was going through the art submitted in response to the 8in8 call for videos and covers. He came across mine. He liked it. And he wrote on his Twitter about it.

Even as I look at this words I have just typed, I feel like dissolving into netspeak, which I normally use extremely sparingly, but which, at times, is just evocative enough to get the magnitude of one’s feelings across. I think I will limit myself to:


P.S. Much later, I noticed a tweet that was done very shortly after Mr Gaiman’s original tweet containing the link to my song. The user was spamming advertising a promoter, promising “1000’s more Fans/Likes to any facebook, 1000’s more Followers to any twitter! only at @[promotersname]”. Brief research showed that identical or similar tweets were made to a number of tweets containing links to music at Soundcloud, where my song is stored. Nevertheless, this was amusing in the highest degree. A BIT too early to be approached by labels and suchlike, I’d say.


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