Read-A-Thon – Mini-Challenges

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This post will be dedicated to the mini-challenges held during the Read-A-Thon.

The Second Hour Mini-Challenge held by At Home With Books requires to take a picture representing (in some way) a character in one of the books on the read-a-thon list. Here is mine:

Hugs, Kisses and Vampires

Hugs, Kisses and Vampires

This ornament signifies vampires in one of the books I have allocated for today – Dracula’s Guest and Other Short Stories by Bram Stoker. The hugs and kisses are representative of the deceptive charm of vampires, while the vampire fangs are representative of, well, the vampires.

And off to read on! This post may be updated with more…

The Fifth Hour Mini-Challenge held by Just One More Thing… is fairly easy. All we need to do is answer a simple question: how do we prefer to share books with others?

For me, there are several ways:
– excitedly discuss whatever is my latest book discovery with my friends, and lending said book out to them if it’s on hand (otherwise, helping them locate a copy);
– present a friend with a copy of a book I would recommend, as a gift;
– donating to the book exchange table on the first floor of my apartment block. I’ve never yet seen any of my donated books to stay unclaimed for over 24 hours!

And back I go to A Swiftly Tilting Planet…

The Eighth Hour Mini-Challenge hosted by White Ink Drops is all about music! How could I possibly pass is up?

Here be the questions, and my answers:
1. What song does the book I’m reading right now remind me of?
This is slightly tricky. A short story I just finished was meant to be a chapter in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but didn’t make the final cut. After his death, the story, along with some other short pieces, was published by his wife. The main feeling I took away from it, despite the evocative desriptions, was how daft the protagonist was to go wandering in the wilderness with the night approaching and a snowstorm on its way. And when I think of daft protagonists, I think of Margaret, the heroine of Hazards of Love, a concept album by The Decemberists. I think the pinnacle of her daftness comes through in the song titled Won’t Want For Love. Just for the record (pun unintended), it features her wandering out to find the father of her child. In the taiga. She has reason to be looking there of all places, but still. Pregnant woman. In a dense forest. Alone. Sounds not too far removed from the Englishman I just read about.

2. What song does my favorite book remind me of?
I’m going to cheat on this one, and name the whole Harry Potter septology as one (seven?) of my favourite books. The books may be on my list of favourite ones, but THE favourite character of mine will always be one Severus Snape, and the song The Truth Beneath The Rose by Within Temptation is so extremely him. As is Hand of Sorrow by the same band – despite the fact that it is actually about Fitz, the protagonist of the Assassin books of the Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb. (You can view this second one as a bonus answer, since I dearly love this trilogy too.)

3. Can I find a connection between one of my favorite songs and a story I like?
One of my favourite songs would have to be something by My Chemical Romance, notably Vampires Will Never Hurt You and Demolition Lovers. The only story I can directly relate to the first one would be one I wrote myself. As far as the second one goes, again, I can’t bring a book to mind, but the general theme is very close to the romantic plotline of the film Public Enemies, so I’m going to do with that one as the next best thing.

I now return to Bram Stoker’s short story about a pair of blood-covered hands (I’m yet to find out why they are such).

The Ninth Hour Mini-Challenge, by Midnight Book Girl requires that we assemble a complete sentence of book titles, using at least three books.

Here’s my attempt:

American Gods, only you can save mankind over sea, under stone



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11 responses to “Read-A-Thon – Mini-Challenges

  1. Have fun reading! Just chill!!

  2. I’ve totally never read past A Wrinkle in Time. I think i’ll do that for the next readathon!

    Love the pic. Happy reading!

  3. I love the photo – very creative! Thanks for participating!

  4. Great book choices for the photo challenge!

    • Thanks! It was difficult to find something that would work as the action part of the sentence, so it was a toss-up between the Pratchett book and The Dark Is Rising (but since there was already another book by Susan Cooper, I went with Sir Terry).

  5. I like your book sentence — that’s a good one!

  6. Glad you are able to participate in the mini-challenges along with reading. Half way, hope you read on through!

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