Book Review – The Ruby in the Smoke by P. Pullman

Ruby in the Smoke In The Ruby in the Smoke, we follow the series’ title character, Sally Lockhart, as she tries to find out more of the mysterious circumstances of her father’s death and, as is often the case when one tries to uncover mysteries, finds more than she had bargained for.

Sally’s no Sherlock, and her adversary isn’t Professor Moriarty, but the plot has all the necessary romanticism of a Victorian crime mystery – a family tragedy, a dark story rooted in the East Indies, and, of course, a hunt for a cursed treasure, all in the middle of a beautifully-written nineteenth-century London.

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One response to “Book Review – The Ruby in the Smoke by P. Pullman

  1. beckyday6

    This sounds really interesting! I’d never really considered the fact that Philip Pullman may have actually written any other books apart from his dark materials. I was never really sure what to make of that series, it was definitely interesting, but at many points failed to capture my attention, especially the last book, which was a disaster in my opinion. I may just check this book out. Thanks for posting 🙂

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