Publication Update aka Self-Promotion

…because indie authors need all the help we can get!

The first day of winter was a nice day, on which not one, but TWO stories of mine were published.

The first one, called My Other Half, is a science fiction piece of the length that pushes both 6k words and many a magazine’s definition of ‘short story’. Fortunately, at Crossed Genres, a piece of this length is still considered a short story, and I thank them for being a blessing for my otherwise bane of a length. This was the last issue of the magazine, and I’m quite proud to have made it in it. The issue’s theme was ‘different’, and I considered that a bit of a challenge, because in my experience, the majority of protagonists can be classified as ‘misfit’ or ‘everyman’. Therefore, writing a story about someone ‘different’ is not a problem – it’s making the story different from so many similar ones written before that’s trickier. All the more my happiness that my stab at this challenge turned out well.

Anyway, in My Other Half, we follow a young woman by the name of Patricia and Susan. Yes, that’s her name. And that’s definitely not what makes her different in the world where she lives. If that got you intrigued, go on and read the full piece at the Crossed Genres website. It’s Right Here!

Oh, and separate thanks to Simon Ellinas for featuring this work in that day’s issue of Writers. It was a very pleasant surprise.

Moving on to the next piece, a much shorter story that had stayed untitled for the longest time until I finally dubbed it Monochrome. It found a lovely home in the first issue of From the Depths, a quarterly publication by Haunted Waters Press. Seeing as the theme of this issue was Water, and there was both water and an element of paranormal in my story, I certainly couldn’t pass up the opportunity to submit, and was thrilled to be included in the issue. You can read the issue, which contains plenty of brilliant pieces, both poetry and prose, by following the link above, or Right Over Here.

I’d like to thank both Crossed Genres and Haunted Waters Press for the interest in my pieces, and their editors for being wonderfully friendly and professional. If any one of them is reading this – thank you! If anyone else is – what are you doing reading this when you could be reading the stories?


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