Transnoctem – an introduction

Words wear out. It tends to happen when they’re tossed about carelessly. Especially the big stuff. Like saying you love someone, or that someone saved your life, or that something wouldn’t have happened without something else. In case of that last one, there’s the ever-present temptation to ask – how do you know? Life has so many mysteries, twisting and turning in unimaginable ways. You can never be sure, not really. But every now and again, you can trace things back to certain moments and say, with a relative amount of confidence, that had that moment not happened the way it had, this moment right now would almost certainly not be happening.

So if any of you know me, you will believe me when I say that if it weren’t for a certain person born on this day, and for his art, I wouldn’t be making this post right now on behalf of a little band called Transnoctem. If you don’t know me, it’s your choice whether or not to believe. After all, words wear out, and you have no way of knowing whether or not I really mean them. I just know I do.

That’s probably enough deep thought for an introduction of our first musical piece. I’ll bore you no longer. Just one last thing. There’s people I want to thank.

To my band – thank you for always believing in me.

To my friend Rosie – thank you for being my partner-in-crime.

To my teacher Elena – thank you for helping me discover that nothing is impossible.

To My Chemical Romance – thank you for things too numerous to mention, but most of all, for the inspiration.

To Gerard Way – just plain thank you. And happy birthday.



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3 responses to “Transnoctem – an introduction

  1. I really like the song! It’s nice to hear a different spin on it, and your voice is really good 🙂

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