Find A Sun

Find a sun.

Find someone who makes you want to be better.

Find someone who makes you feel inadequate in all the best ways. It’s not that you’re not good enough – it’s just that you can be So Much More. Always.

Find someone who tells you that you can be anything you want, and you believe them.

Find someone you believe. Find someone you believe IN.

Find someone whom you fear to disappoint. More than anything. More than anyone. More than looking yourself in the mirror.

Find someone to believe in. Living or dead, fictional or supernatural, real or… There’s no ‘or’. You will make them real. And they will make you more.

Find someone whose words reach inside you and open the windows you never knew were there, the doors you were afraid to touch, the floodgates you pretended didn’t exist.

Find someone who, right after making you cry, tells you not to – and you stop crying in the next five seconds.


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