I’m Going On An Adventure

(Posting from phone. Excuse possible wonkiness.)

Those of you who know me may recall my penchant for taking long walks to different places for no particular reason. It’s been far too long since my last one, though. So, after two weeks of being stuck at home, diligently getting work done, I’ve developed cabin fever that needed a radical cure. This decision may or may not have also been inspired by watching all fourteen episodes of Firefly in the scope of three days, and getting addicted to the theme song.

So, in the words of the above song, Take me out to the black, tell them I ain’t coming back. Not for about 48 hours, anyway. My adventure started today, with a train to the lovely town of Chester. I’m bunking here overnight, and come tomorrow, setting out on a long walk.

My goal is Winsford, some 16 miles away from where I am now. In my experience, it’s a kind of journey that takes a day of no-pressure walking, with occasional stops. The milestones on my way are called Tarvin, Utkinton, Cotebrook, and Little Budworth. In case you’re wondering, no, I didn’t choose Winsford for any particular reason except its being within a reasonable distance across a reasonable terrain (without mountains or motorways).

With some luck, I’ll have coffee stops in some (or all) of the above towns, and do some writing while there. Seeing as I’ve reached the point in my novel where I narrate on behalf of a rather fluffy young woman who likes living in ghost town, a solitary day trip sounds like just the thing to get the writing juices flowing.

Keep an eye out for my twitter reports. I’ll post a compilation of pictures once I’m done. Now, excuse me…


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