A Matter of Faith (poem)

This is for those who lived for the fight
and sang it for anything and everything worth singing for.
For those who lit ’em up, and burned bright,
and set themselves on fire to keep others warm.

(They say you shouldn’t, and I say,
what if I can save someone freezing to death
at the cost of a second, or maybe third degree burn?)

This is for those who believed, and wavered,
and stopped believing, and lost the will,
but ran, and crawled, and carried on after being carried,
and led the one hundred and fiftieth last charge up the hill.

This is for all the liars who never
believed they could prevail or even survive.
(Because we all have tiny stubborn hopes hidden somewhere,
away from everyone’s, even our own eyes).

This is for all the liars who never
doubted they were right and their victory near.
(Because we all have thoughts we hide somewhere,
where we hope our fear cannot hear.)

This is for those whose faith can move mountains,
or even humans, who are nowhere as flexible.

And this is also for ye of little faith,
because, believe it or not
(and I know you probably won’t),
but every little still helps.


(Maria Stanislav, 2015)


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