Welcome to The Coffee Clef. My name is Maria Stanislav, and I will be your barista today.

My haunt and I have a lot in common, being often-messy, caffeine-permeated and music-dependent, just like its owner (we also share the occasional gothy overtone, depending on the mood). It started out as a blog for my ongoing quest in the realm of music, and morphed into whatever I needed it to be along the way. Now make yourself comfortable and feel free to look around.

Who I am
What does it matter, really? It should always be about the art, not the messenger. But if you must know…

I am one of the happiest people alive. I wanted a better cause to lead, and found it. I spent years placing faith in all the wrong people, and just once, in the right one, who made it all worthwhile.

My worst fear is gravity, but I’m doing my best to make sure it doesn’t mean much to me.

My greatest ambition is to keep running.

My biggest dream is to use art as the weapon.

My fondest hope is that one day, the very right person who inspired me will see this page and laugh at the gratuitous amount of references to his work in these few paragraphs. (Then I can buy him a coffee.)


2 responses to “About

  1. Ahh … riddles within riddles … and no names spoken aloud. How wonderful.

    I have arrived here by following the trail of breadcrumbs from your story in Issue 36 of ‘Crossed Genres’, which was wonderfully entertaining. Well done.
    I’ll order a lattte, and join you for a while, if I may?


    • Welcome! I’m rather thrilled that you’ve found the place to your liking so far. Here is your latte, and I hope you have a very pleasant stay.

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