Welcome to the Coffee Clef

Now pour yourself a cup and look around…

Whether you made your way here by chance, looked up Maria Stanislav on a web search, or were drawn by the delicious smell of coffee that transcends the boundaries of cyberspace – welcome. Make yourself at home in my haunt, which is often-messy, caffeine-permeated and music-dependent, just like its owner (we also share the occasional gothy overtone, depending on the mood).

I’d like to think that the layout of this place is fairly self-explanatory, but just to make sure you don’t escape before looking at my best stuff, I’ve prepared the following run-down for you.

A Plutonium Record – a longish post-apocalyptic short story, where music plays an important part;

There Is This Thing That’s Like… – an essay about rock music and rock shows, explaining why sex, drugs and rock’n’roll tend to go hand in hand;

The Corycian Mini-Series – a two-part series in what is probably the modern fantasy genre, with a mythological aftertaste.

Queuing For Dummies – an award-winning long and comprehensive guide on how to get to the front bar at rock shows and survive there magnificently.

There’s more, of course. I suggest you check out the Fiction and Articles section for more exciting stuff. The Adventures part of the blog is mainly about my occasionally misguided yet frequently funny forays into the world of music. You can read that at your own risk.


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